Understanding About Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a condition in which a woman has a fetus growing inside her body (which is generally in the uterus). Pregnancy in humans ranges from 40 weeks or 9 months, counted from the beginning of the last menstrual period until delivery.

Pregnancy is a reproduction process that needs special care, for pregnancy to take place with either the mother or her life contains fetus. This is dynamic, because pregnant women are at first normal, suddenly can become high risk.

Risk factors in pregnant women such as age are too young or old, many children, and several other biological factors are the circumstances that indirectly increase the risk of morbidity and mortality in pregnant women. High risk is in a hazardous situation and possible direct causes of maternal death, for example, through the birth canal hemorrhage, eclampsia, and infection.

Some risk factors are well contained in a mother can make high-risk pregnancies. Some risk factors present before a woman becomes pregnant. These risk factors include physical and social character of a particular in women, problems that occurred in previous pregnancies, and certain disorders that have been owned.

To avoid the risk factors you have to prepare and plan for a healthy pregnancy for the candidate of your baby. So you and your baby will be safe and healthy. You also need to consult a doctor to obtain advice on how to increase fertility because fertility is also an important factor in planning a pregnancy.

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