Prepare and Plan a Healthy Pregnancy

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Before pregnancy occurs, the physical preparation is very important for you and your spouse. There are two issues related to pre-pregnancy condition, which couples fertility problems and the health of expectant mothers. very important to prepare pre-pregnancy before pregnancy occurs, or even better if done before marriage.

What you should prepare for your pregnancy healthy.

1.      Healthy Lifestyle
Before pregnancy occurs should you and your partner make a healthy lifestyle. It is intended to keep you and your partner fertility, and provide a healthy pregnancy. what constitutes a healthy lifestyle?. healthy lifestyle you need to do is avoid things that could endanger the pregnancy and your own health. The most common are cigarettes and alcohol. Smoking can affect fertility and toxic substances can damage sperm and cause infertility. The effect on the fetus, these toxic substances cause fetal lack of oxygen that can cause disability. Alcohol also has a bad effect on the fetus. Alcohol enters the fetus via the bloodstream can lead to infant mental retardation.

2.      Keeping the Intake of Nutrients
keep the intake of nutrients entering into the body must be done. not only you need to maintain nutritional intake but also your partner. Choose foods that contain lots of protein, minerals and vitamins. The many nutrients present in vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. Prioritizing eat vegetables and fruits into your lifestyle, eat up to five times a day. Consume enough food that contains lots of protein. The recommended amount of protein to 35% of what you eat. Wherever possible choose animal protein that live in water, but does not mean that the protein, the animals that live on land do not need to be consumed. balance just by consuming them, which is important enough protein intake. Shrimp lobster and tuna fish believed to be the trend and improve the quality of infant brain.

3.      Sport Activities
To do sports activities, make it a habit to find activities that make you sweat every single week 2 to 3 times. swimming is a good choice and you can do. movements in swimming makes all the organs of the body moving. Other sports activities you can do is cycling will make your body stay healthy and fit. if not maybe do an activity that requires a place and time, do a practical exercise. such as a treadmill at night or skipping so that your body sweat and fit. Thus, health and fitness is very helpful in planning a healthy pregnancy and child birth.
after you do the tip to maintain a healthy lifestyle, maintaining nutritional intake and conducting activities with regular exercise, may you and your partner can prepare and plan for a healthy pregnancy and later will get a healthy child.

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