health advice to increase fertility

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Before undergoing fertility treatment, we should maintain our health and lifestyle to avoid the risk factors that could cause delays in pregnancy. health and good lifestyle will improve fertility.

Here are suggestions for your health and your partner to enhance fertility.

Health Advice for Men and women:
- lose weight if you have excess weight.
- quit smoking
- avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption.
- at all avoid illegal drugs like cocaine, which can reduce the quantity and quality of    sperm produced
- make healthy eating
- monitor the temperature of testicles on a regular basis, the temperature is too high can  affect sperm  production. (for men)
- reduce stress and get enough rest.

In general, a man should follow the suggestions above for about 70 days. Seventy-day is the time needed to produce sperm
With maintaining the health and  good lifestyle, is the best advice to improve the fertility that would affect the process of healthy pregnancy.

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